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Kill me 69 Barbell - Oral Vibration

Surgical Steel (316L) PIN

The PIN used in this jewelry is made of surgical steel, also known as 316L. The material is an implant grade steel alloy and the most common body piercing material. Allergic reactions are rare, but do occur. The element in stainless steel that causes allergic reactions in some people is nickel. The jewelry is polished to a mirror like surface, which results in a protective layer of chromium oxide keeping the nickel content trapped inside. If you are allergic to nickel we suggest that you choose a jewelry made of another material. There is no such thing as nickel free surgical steel; even our competitors should not have it. 316L is not recommended for new or unhealed piercing wounds.

How to decide the size

It can sometimes be hard to select the correct sizes for your piercing jewelry. Please read our guideline regarding piercing jewelry and sizes if you need help to figure out what to buy. If you can’t figure this out by yourselves, please contact your local piercing jewelry store for manual service by an expert. The guide is found here: AboutPiercingSizes

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